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Curious Duke Gallery presents it’s first show in 2016 with Insert [Art] Here… a 2-month festival of art meets interior design this winter. Insert Art Here brings together artwork from the gallery’s 60 artists, and interior designers as we question what to consider when buying art, and how to install your art own collection in 2016.

Coming to Whitecross Street this January and February, Curious Duke Gallery will be celebrating all that is beautiful in your home. Be it art, stunning furniture or a room that is screaming out for artwork, the gallery has tips and personal consultations at their fingertips just for you. They will also be introducing new artists to their fold with names such as Lauren Baker, Corinne Natel and Karis Knight joining the TimeOut Love London award winning gallery.

Together, gallerist Eleni Duke and her roster of artists will present new ways of curating your art collection to suit your home, asking how to frame your artwork (Taylored Framing), and how to install the artwork with their handy hanging guide. Interior design has never been so easy. Alongside this, Curious Duke Gallery will be introducing new blog series to their hotly watched website. You will have top 5 artworks picked and curated, from myself, and guest blogs from interior designers such as Simon Dodsworth. The gallery will also be launching a series of art collections online, including the Zen Collection and The Red Collection.

Exhibiting artists include: Andrew Millar, Corinne Natel, Emmy lou, Karis Knight, Lauren Baker, Louise McNaught, Otto D’Ambra, Sam Peacock with more names to be announced

Thursday 7th January – Monday 29th February 2016
with Private View on the 4th February 2016, 6-9pm

Opening Times:
11:30am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday, Saturday 12:00 – 4:00pm

Curious Duke Gallery 173 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JT

Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells – MORE NOISE

More Noise is an exhibition of three neon works by artist Tim Etchells, curated by Helen Marriage, Director of Artichoke for the Bloomberg SPACE as part of London Lumiere festival.

The exhibition features a new work ‘More Noise’ consisting of 14 interconnecting scattered neon word pieces of text ‘MORE NOISE’ and ‘THAN SIGNAL’ presented horizontally just off the floor level. The work invokes the idea of sound, as playing on some concerns of pattern, order, disorder, sense and nonsense. This work is presented with two existing wall neon works ‘Mirror Pieces’ and ‘Let’s Pretend which interact with and reflect some of the concerns of the new work.

Bloomberg SPACE is dedicated to commissioning and exhibiting contemporary art, extending the company’s support of a wide rang of philanthropic programmes around the World.

Thursday 14th January – Saturday 12th March 2016

Opening Times:
11:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Saturday

Bloomberg SPACE 50 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1HD

Gilded Chaos

Beers London is proud to present Gilded Chaos, the gallery’s first solo exhibition with the London-based Benjamin Murphy. Murphy will spend two weeks prior to the exhibition, transforming the entire gallery space with his trademark aesthetic and techniques to create a totally immersive sensory experience. Murphy has created his most labour intensive and detailed body of work especially for Beers gallery. This includes a gallery-wide installation and two-dimensional, ‘drawings’ that push the boundaries of both scale and subject matter.

Murphy is known primarily for his graphic, time-consuming installations created entirely out of black electrical tape, resulting in a stark recognisable aesthetic. This is borrowed from German expressionism, which in turn creates a subject matter that takes inspiration from Romantic literature and the history of the vanitas in art.

The artist lives in London, where he tirelessly works both in and out of studio to plan and execute elaborate tape-based drawings. Murphy’s images work on many plains of perspective and contain various contradictory elements that contain an on-going narrative or macabre. A decadent story-arc is hinted throughout, with the work referencing a range of sources mainly from poetry and classic literature, specifically creating a mystical aura around the work and allowing the spectator to create their own meaning surrounding the work.

Friday 15th January – Saturday 13th February 2016

Opening Times:
10:00am – 6:00pm, Tuesday – Friday, Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm

Beers London 1 Baldwin Street, London, EC1V 9NU


In February 2016, Lazarides celebrates its 10th anniversary with a group exhibition from the gallery’s most celebrated and pioneering artists. For the landmark exhibition, the gallery has invited back those artists who have helped shape the gallery to take over their flagship space in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia.

Visitors to the gallery will be invited to view unique originals across the three floors of at Lazarides Rathbone by over 30 artists significant to the gallery’s legacy: 3D, Aiko, Anthony Lister, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Brett Amory, Chloe Early, David Choe, Doug Foster, FAILE, Frank Laws, Gary Taxali, Herbert Baglione, Hush, Ian Francis, Invader, Joe Rush, Jonathan Yeo, JR, Karim Zeriahen, Katrin Fridriks, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Marcus Jansen, Mark Jenkins, Miaz Brothers, Mode 2, Nina Pandolfo, Oliver Jeffers, Pete Hawkins, Ron English, Sage Vaughn, Scott Campbell, Sickboy, Stanley Donwood, TEACH, Todd James, Vhils, Xenz and Zevs. These varied artists have formed the backbone of Lazarides’ mission, each challenging the norm of what is acceptable within the art world, simultaneously providing art that is free and accessible to an international public without discrimination.

Over the last decade, Lazarides has assumed a pivotal role promoting those artists thriving outside the conventional contemporary art market. Since Steve Lazarides’ conception of Lazarides in 2006, the gallery has spanned international territories and undergone myriad transformations that echo its artists’ constantly evolving and progressing practice.

Since the inception of the gallery’s current space on Rathbone Place, Lazarides has hosted numerous, diverse exhibitions, including JR’s Crossing (2015) featuring his latest film ELLIS, and 3D’s Fire Sale (2013), a retrospective of imagery paying homage to Massive Attack’s visual history. Lazarides continues to be a forerunner in revolutionary off-site projects and immersive art experiences–from Los Angeles to New York, Frankfurt, Moscow and Istanbul–as well as taking part in art fairs and collaborating with museums, partner galleries, art fairs and private collection around the globe.

Exhibition Dates:
Friday 12th February 2016 to Thursday 24th March 2016

Opening Times:
11:00am – 7:00pm,  Wednesday – Saturday

Lazarides 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR



Private View: Wednesday 10th February 6.30 till 9pm
Exhibition Runs: 11th February to 28th February 2016
We are the EndoftheLine… Our walls speak for themselves.

London Newcastle, 28 Redchurch Street | London | E2 7DP

EndoftheLine Productions is proud to present Neverended, a retrospective exhibition showcasing a curated collection of over 200 pieces by internationally acclaimed graffiti and street artists from the Rockwell House private collection.

For two weeks in February, EndoftheLine will take over the entire LondonNewcastle Project Space on Redchurch Street in the heart of
Shoreditch providing a snapshot of the last ten years of East Londonʼs graffiti, street art and hip hop community.

Curated by EndoftheLine, Londonʼs link between mainstream and the underground, this momentous show represents a decade of Artwork from some of London and the Worldʼs most important and influential urban artists including: 123Klan, Will Barras, Mr Jago, Sickboy, Bom.k, Sowat, Dotmasters, Faile, Tizer, Xenz, Sheone, Dan Chase, Ed Hicks, 45RPM, Candy Lo, Imaone, Suiko, Zoer, Does LoveLetters, Odisy, Dr Zadok and Jim Vision.

NeverEnded invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world of graffiti, street art, music and film with a series of pop up events held in the exhibition space; including live art, life drawing classes, music showcases by the 5th Element Agency & Lyrix Organix, pop up feasts and live talks.

Jim Vision, Creative Director of EndoftheLine and one of Londonʼs internationally acclaimed graffiti artists said Neverended; A Retrospective is a culmination of ten years riding on the wave of gentrification, constantly seeking out new places, spaces and walls to challenge accepted norms of traditional art making.

“This retrospective takes the pulse of East Londonʼs urban art scene in 2016,” Jim said. “This is our personal collection which reveals the transformation of the streets of Shoreditch and the tensions between urban development and artistic freedom, and represents what will be lost when everything is glass towers.”

Opening Days and Hours:
Thursday 11th Feb till Sunday 28 February 2016
General Opening : Tuesday through Sunday, 11am till 8pm
Mondays – closed for private viewings

About EndoftheLine
We are EndoftheLine. Purveyors of fine aerosol productions. Our walls speak for themselves. EndoftheLine are based in East London with a focus on producing huge murals, cutting edge installations and hosting events that showcase contemporary art from the streets. Alongside various pop-up events, 2016 sees EndoftheLine transform various spaces for a series of unique events and exhibitions, limited edition print releases and large scale commercial commissions.

History of EndoftheLine
In the beginning, EndoftheLine emerged as a Urban Contemporary art collective who paint abandoned spaces across East London and hosted raves in squats in the eponymous Cable Street warehouse in Limehouse and exhibited at the old Dragon bar, a Dive bar and writers bench in Leonard Street. Over the last ten years, EndoftheLine have hosted epic exhibitions including the White Canvas Project, the Bad Note and Shades of Things to Come as well as hosting the annual international paint festival Meeting of Styles in the UK.



Kate Knight

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to announce the solo show of artist Kate Knight, These Fragile Things. Working within the contemporary baroque movement, Knight will lavish the Whitecross Street gallery space with rich watercolours, gold, and epic tales of mythology and Mother Nature this March 3-26.

Curious Duke Gallery will showcase the work of Marmite Art Prize runner up Kate Knight, as she takes on the emerging contemporary baroque and rococo movement. Heavily influenced by the history of these art movements, Knight has brought forward associations with prosperity and mirth from the Baroque period and the move toward the decorative during the Rococo period. Into this, Knight works her own concerns of matriarchal identity with the She Wolf mother of Romulus and Remus, whilst addressing Mother Nature and feminine strength. Working across large scale watercolours, ceramic sculptures of rococo symbolism and biro drawings that exalt in exquisite details of endangered animals, Knight’s solo show transports us away from urban East London.

You can give your very own sculpted heart to your loved ones, with Kate Knight’s love letter service. All you have to do is write a letter to Kate, telling her all about your relationship with your partner, lover, best friend, sister, maybe your mum; it can be anyone that you love and she will make a bespoke ceramic sculpture heart. Send your letter to 173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT, or email, with the story of your relationship and what makes your loved one special, or any details that you would like to share. Artist Kate Knight will then hand craft you a bespoke heart, priced at £500. Give your very own modern Faberge egg, and make their year.

Friday 4th – Saturday 26th March 2016
with Private View on the 3rd March 2016, 6-9pm

Opening Times:
11:30am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday, Saturday 12:00 – 4:00pm

Curious Duke Gallery 173 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JT