Elian and Alexis Diaz create a stunner in London

When it comes to art on the streets in London, it has been rather (pardon my french) p*ss poor in my opinion this year with way too much repetitive artwork going up. It may be due to the fact that artists have become comfortable in their surroundings and as a result not challenging themselves enough in creating new exciting body of work, and clearly it doesn’t help when there’s even more so-called photographers and bloggers than ever before on the streets who are happy to document and plug anything that goes up on a wall giving some an ego to carry on producing work that should be kept indoors without interacting with the public eye sight.

Anyway, enough of my rant… On the flip side thankfully it was a good to see two of the biggest artists right now within the street art scene gracing the iconic Hanbury Street wall in East London this weekend. Elian and Alexis Diaz from Argentina and Puerto Rico respectfully together joined forces to create as per the title of this post a stunning mural which I’m sure will eventually become the most photographed piece of street art in London this year.


Image courtesy of MYA gallery


Image courtesy of Instagrafite


Image courtesy of Instagrafite

The mural consists the trademark styles of both artists overlapping one and another which was perfectly executed. The bright colours creating a background by Elian with the centre piece hand painted with black ink by Alexis Diaz depicting a heart with an eye in the middle, and I’m sure you’ll agree the work looks superb from the photo below captured by Fifth Wall TV.


This couldn’t be possible without the help of  Tina Ziegler from MYA Gallery, 31 thirteen and Fifth Wall TV for their continued support in bringing the best in Urban art to London and may that continue.

And if that wasn’t enough, both of these artist are also exhibiting work as part of the ENTRE MUROS – Urban art from Latin Amercia. Curated by Maximiliano Ruiz, the exhibition is a collection of works by urban artists from Latin America. As mentioned both Elian and Alexis Diaz have pieces in this show along with Curiot and Saner from Mexico, Rodrigo Branco and Rafael Hayashi from Brazil, Jaz and Doma from Argentina, Decertor from Peru, Stinkfish from Colombia as well as Inti and Cekis from Chile.

entre muros

ENTRE MUROS – Urban art from Latin Amercia is on until August 2015 at MYA Gallery, 105 Commercial Street, London, E1 6NU. Entry to the exhibition is free. For more major art exhibitions see my listings for July.


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    That was a great article Bablu. I myself am a great street art enthusiast. Just watch my blog at : https://artystreets.wordpress.com

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