Nothing Lasts on Hoardings

Only last weekend Manchester based artist Akse P19 was in Shoreditch painting a realism piece of street art, using his unique style and technique which we all have come custom to seeing over the past few years.

Having said that the subject for a piece of street art lasting in Shoreditch came up in the conversation when I caught up with the artist whilst he took a break from painting a portrait of Samuel L. Jackson from the cult movie Pulp Fiction.

mttbrnbyImage courtesy of @mttbrnby 

Painting on hoardings has a short term life span in this part of London, because like the boards itself nothing lasts on there either. And to think it would, you are just deluding yourself.

The reason for this blog post, unlike others right now who are just doing it for the sake of doing it in my opinion I thought it would be appropriate to say that when an artist paints on a hoarding in Shoreditch they should remember that, if you want your work to last it would be better to paint on a permanent wall instead of a temporary board next to a building site that’s only there for a glass tower to rise up in the coming months.

The time and effort an artist puts into a work, doesn’t get appreciated in Shoreditch because too many are in it for themselves without taking the feelings of an artist to consideration.

What happened to Akse throughout this week is a perfect example how some artist are treated. A permission was given to paint a hoarding in Shoreditch to Akse, which he did over a two day period taking up an entire weekend. Within a few days of its completion, it got tagged which wasn’t too bad considering the majority of the artwork was still visible to see. But within 24 hours of the artwork being attacked, to make things worse it got painted over by something which just even thinking about it gives me a migraine so you can imagine what I think of that particular piece of artwork that replaced Akse’s work.

So the moral of this story is that if you paint on a hoarding don’t get too emotionally attached, it may be good for short term exposure which we all know it can be but do consider the fact that it may last an hour, even a day, if you’re lucky a whole week or maybe longer because the effort you put into creating that piece of work won’t get appreciated by other’s in this part of East London as the turnover of artwork on the streets is sometimes just ridiculous.


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