Flying visit from Mateus Bailon to Zone One

It’s been over a year since we last saw Mateus Bailon in Zone One of London, so it was rather a pleasant surprise when I caught up this talented Brazilian artist few weeks ago in London’s Shoreditch area.

Bailon passed through London via Manchester, where he was invited by the Blackout Gallery to paint a gigantic mural over 5 days, and it was his biggest artwork to date in the UK thus far.

1 2 3Photos courtesy of Blackout Gallery

The results of his hard work was a gift to Manchester, a huge tropical bird on the corner of Great Ancoats Street and Blossom Street, and  from what the Blackout Gallery have said it seems this creation has now become a new landmark in the City of Manchester.

After which, he headed down to London where together with Global Street Art and few of his artist friends Sokar Uno and Zadok, our friend Bailon managed to paint a further two murals in Shoreditch over that weekend back to back.

45 6

7 8 9

And lastly to complete his World wind trip of the UK, Bailon headed to Walthamshow where he was invited to paint an indoor mural for a friend which as you can see below outdoor or indoor the end result is always stunning.


It was fun while it lasted, and let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 12 months to see this artist creating more masterpieces in the UK and more importantly in Zone One of London.


About Bablu Miah

Trapped in Zone One yet loving everything London has to offer.
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