Andrea Tyrimos, The Roadz meets Curious Duke Gallery

Anyone that’s knows me, would know that Nike Air Force 1’s WHITE sneakers, G-Star Clothing and artwork by Andrea Tyrimos are 3 things that excites me more than anything.

And with only a week to go now, the debut solo show from oil paint artist Andrea Tyrimos on the horizon and take it from me it will amaze everyone. Leaving my biased view aside, I can honestly guarantee that if you take a trip to Curious Duke Gallery on the opening night of the exhibition on Thursday 5th June you will not leave disappointed. The body of work that Andrea has produced is of any artist whose skills has improved over time and will only get better due to the shear hard work and passion she puts into all her work.


The exhibition titled The Roadz, will run from Thursday 5th to Saturday 28th of June and the bases of the show is a glowing tale of the London, from the crumbling decay of decadent buildings to the sparks of light that hang over the landscape after sunset. Andrea’s show is a fiesta of colour and exclusive to Curious Duke Gallery.

Tyrimos’ latest work are vibrant than ever, and her ‘Brick’ project especially has been building a huge amount of interest. The Brick project has spawned a series of live painting events, from the Whitecross Street Party, Barbican to most recently in Shoreditch on Blackall Street whilst getting disturbed by the 24 TV series film crew in the process, allowing the wealth of regeneration that butts against moss covered red brick to take on interdependent stories. The very walls that we live in, work in and walk past daily may lay dormant, but look closer and you’ll find tiny details of lovers initials scratched in, and moss creeping over graffiti. Andrea will also paint at the Curious Duke Gallery live as a brick wall will be built in the gallery space for this oil paint artist to paint throughout the exhibition in June.

Andrea Tyrimos – Barbican Brick Painting Video

Her keen eye for the beauty of a cityscape has brought about three separate bodies of work; Notting Hill Carnival, City Lights and Brick. After taking inspiration from Charles Baudelaire’s call for painters to focus on ‘depicting the fast-changing landscapes of life’, and described such an artist as ‘The Painter of Modern Life’, Andrea Tyrimos had found her niche. This oil painter does not stop at the eerie progress of a night bus though London’s lamp lit streets, but sees the waiting people outside a late night off license on Brick Lane as secrets revealed by lights from shop windows; the city becomes a beacon of life no matter the time of day.

Andrea Tyrimos Interview with Ual Next Up

After reading all this, if you can’t wait to see Andrea paint live then you’re in luck. Tyrimos will be painting live on to the walls of The Hoxton Hotel tomorrow as it’s artist in residence, and the canvas will then be transported to Curious Duke and exhibited in The Roadz exhibition.

The Hoxton Hotel

And lastly, a final message from me. If you ever meet Andrea Tyrimos in person which I hope you all will as I’m sure everyone reading this will definitely be attending the Curious Duke Gallery for her exhibition, be sure to go up to Andrea and go #WoofWoof, it’s a certainly that will witness the biggest smile EVER once Andrea hear’s those two special word.

Truman Brewery The Hoxton HotelRooftop Dreamin

All pictures courtesy of Andrea Tyrimos.

THE ROADZ – Andrea Tyrimos’ debut solo show with Curious Duke Gallery
Private View on Thursday 5th June 6-9pm
5th – 28th June
173 Whitecross Street
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 – 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Please click here for Facebook Event Invitation
If you’d like any more info contact: /

Check out more of her work at:
Instagram: @andrea_tyrimos
Twitter @AndreaTyrimos


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