The One, The Only… VIBES

It’s been quite a busy week for one of UK’s finest graff writes in London, the one the only VIBES.

Last Monday after being invited by End of the Line, VIBES headed to Rockwell House to paint on their rooftop and add a fresh new look to their outdoor exterior.

VIBES work is unmistakable due to the precision of his letter style matched with the stunning use of colours, and from the photos captured by EOTL’s Tamara below it can be seen as to why VIBES got asked to paint on the rooftop because his artwork with the Shoreditch skyline in the background the whole look was just spot on.

Vibes_01 Vibes_02 Vibes_03 Vibes_04

Photos courtesy of End of the Line

A short walk from Rockwell House on Thursday afternoon VIBES was busy painting another new mural on the street of London, and luckily this time round I managed to catch up with him for a short chat. As usual like my all my meetings I gave VIBES a good grilling about al sorts, after which I asked him about his new style which he has been painting of late and wondered what was behind this new style of painting. VIBES responded by explaining that he wanted to try out a new artistic approach to this graffiti artwork, by adding context, texture and layers yet still keeping that old skool graffiti letter look to this murals.

Vibes_07Vibes_06 Vibes_05

Well, being a massive VIBES fan myself I for one am enjoying seeing this new style of artwork around various parts of London and also looking forward to seeing many more murals from the great man himself in the coming months throughout this year.

More information on VIBES, check out his official website


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Trapped in Zone One yet loving everything London has to offer.
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