Lost Souls – The Awesome Foursome, Samurai Warriors

It’s been a hot minute since I last did my blog post, but whilst walking though Shoreditch last Thursday evening I came across this fresh new mural and BOOM! in a instance I knew what to post about next.

The Lost Souls were back in London Town last week after their last visit painting on the roof-top of Rockwell House. This time with the help of Global Street Art organising the wall space they painted a stunning new artwork on the street of Shoreditch with Samurai Warriors as the theme.

Working solo or as a group, every work to date by this collective in my opinion has been dope but for me this has to be my favourite by this awesome foursome. #POW!

Lost Souls_Samurai Warriors

Lost Souls

SPZER76_Samurai Warriors


Captain Kris_Samurai Warriors

Captain Kris

SiMitchell_Samurai Warriors


Squirl_Samurai Warriors


You can also follow Lost Souls on Instagram:

Captain Kris


About Bablu Miah

Trapped in Zone One yet loving everything London has to offer.
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