Twenty Thirteen – what a year it has been for ‘Street’ Art

When this year kicked off I had no idea what to expect, and frankly to sum up the last 12 months I would say for me it was just an EYE OPENER when it came to meeting and  witnessing the vast talent we have in this Country and Internationally producing master-pieces on the street and hanging in galleries. The ‘Street’ Art scene is vibrant in the UK and next year it will be even better. (I hope)

Sitting here thinking about what were the highlights through out this year for me is an understatement, as I have so many and if I was to compile them all it would take another 12 months for me to complete that task.

So as a summary of my high points of 2013, here’s my top ten (in no particular order) of which artwork I enjoyed the most from the last 365 days, in and around Zone One and sometimes beyond.

1. Probs (Jim Vision) and Izer collaboration in producing ‘Attack of the Moloids’ mural was a treat for me, being the fact that Jim is my favourite artist and meeting him finally in person was a real highlight for me this year.

In regards to the artwork, what I say other than the fact whenever Probs and Izer work together the end result is always a jaw-dropper and this is to me is by far one of the best I’ve seen in 2013.

Probs and Izer

2. Another artist who I met this year is Masai. This artist has been active throughout this year painting animal based characters all over London and beyond. But to me this one has to be my favourite, due to simple reason I love colours and use of so many colours without overlapping is so striking on this aerosol artwork.


3. This Summer saw a Brazilian invasion in London with large array of artists from South America coming to London and showcasing their amazing talent for the British public to enjoy and appreciate. The likes of Alex Senna, Magrala, Rodrigo BrancoL7M, Cranio, Mateus Bailon (who even pained my front door) along with Brazilian art organisation Pigment  had everyone hooked to their work,  and even had me watching print dry on walls for hours due to my amazement each time I saw them paint.

But the one artist who absolutely brought the Brazilian carnival to the streets each time he painted was SLIKS. This artwork  below is a stand out favourite of mine, as  the day this was painted it had everyone hypnotized even the hipsters walking by from the way he painted using a slick style throwing up paint and creating a giant master piece on urban walls.


Every single one of these artists were a joy to meet, and in 2014 we will definitely be seeing these guys again on the streets of London producing more stunning artwork  no doubt.

4. Irish artists Conor Harrington and Maser teaming up together in producing this awesome work is certain top ten for me in 2013.

Conor Harrington and Maser

Everything about this mural was just perfect and that’s why I regard this as one of my favourite of Twenty Thirteen.

5. Chinese artist Dal East came, saw and battered London this year with straight up back-2-back amazing 3D style murals all over Shoreditch, with six in total and this one being my particular favourite.

Dal East

Word has it that in 2014 we will be seeing more talented artists from the Far-East hitting the walls of London with Street Art News documenting their every steps.

6. Curious Duke Gallery opened my eyes to a whole new World in 2013, meeting artists with different styles and techniques such as Hannah Adamaszek, Kef, Sam Peacock and Kate Knight and with even more exciting news that several more talented artists joining the Curious Duke roaster in 2014. All very different with unique talent being their common link, however one artist from that group stood out for me due to her passion and commitment in fusing contemporary style with street art elements and producing stunning work each time she picked up a brush.

Oil paint specialist Andrea Triymos is an outstanding  artist who has had a great 2013 with getting huge recognition for her artwork produced throughout this year.

Like all the others it’s hard to pick one particular artwork from this artist as I have too many favourites from the last 12 months, but the one below from this years Whitecross Street Party I believe will show her amazing talent and for sure we will be seeing much more of her work in the coming year. (hashtag #WoofWoof – personal joke)

Andrea Tyrimos

7. The unstoppable Vibes could have had this highlight summary all to himself, due to the amount of breath-taking pieces he painted this year.

It’s a real tough task to pick out one of his work from the last 12 months being my favourite, but in the end I went for this particular one. The old skool style with the choice of colours as ever was all on point.


Here’s to loads more VIBES in 2014.

8. It’s been quite a year for Global Street Art and it’s Walls Project, working with a whole host of artists from home grown to International on a regular basis and I was lucky enough to witness them through out this year. A big thank you to Lee Bokin is in order for the opportunity.

Rattling my brain trying to pick out one of the collaboration with GSA out of the many that was produced this year is just too tough for me, so in the end here’s the few that made my eyes pop out and jaw hit the floor.

Spore Macism

Spore and Macism


Dr Zadok

Vinie ReaOne

Vinie and ReaOne

Captain Kris and SP Zero 76

Captain Kris and SP Zero 76 , part of Lost Souls with Squirl and Si Mitchell who are destined for big things in 2014.



Lost Souls with Parlee

Lost Souls with Parlee



Airborne Mark

Airborne Mark

Id Iom


Tizer and Hunto

Tizer and Hunto who recently signed to Cre8 Gallery with big projects planned for 2014.

Amara and Artista

Amara Por Dios

9. This year I’ve seen a host of big name International artists painting London, but one in particular that stood out for me was when Australian artist Fintan Magee visited Shoreditch.

The huge mural titled ‘Survival’ he painted opposite the Alternative London bus in Red Market on Rivington Street, is another favourite of him and definitely deserves to be in my top ten.

Fintan Magee

10. If the wall pictured below belonged to me, I would have had this mural permanently placed on there forever. But like most things that gets painted on the street, nothing last forever and even the best artwork has a shelf life until it gets painted over by something amazing by outrageously awful.

Well the 40HK Crew featuring Inkfetish, Jasik and Poer painted an absolute stunner this year using the characters from the children’s television show Rainbow. A true work of beauty in my eyes and a certified banker for mural of 2013 if there was such a thing.


I tried to keep it short but there you go that’s my top ten favourite artwork of 2013. And lastly I can’t end this without thanking a few people who have shared their knowledge and wisdom in teaching me about this amazing scene that is ‘Street Art’… Hookedblog, LDNGraffiti, Alternative London, End of the Line, Incandescent Artists, No LionsArtista and lastly Monoprixx and Ugz A.K.A. #SAS, without you guys this year wouldn’t have been as fun and interesting as it was.

Right, Twenty Fourteen let’s see what you got in store for me.


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Trapped in Zone One yet loving everything London has to offer.
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  1. Excellent review mate

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