New artwork from Alex Senna in London

After the recent visits of Rodrigo Branco and Sliks to London, another talented street artist has arrived to London from Brazil via São Paulo by the name of Alex Senna.

With the help of Pigment which is a London based Brazilian organisation,  and their aim in spreading colours, concepts and emotions of the Brazilian culture through the artists which they bring to the UK,  Alex will be painting his trade-mark black and white artwork in several street art hotspots in London throughout his stay in the next couple of weeks.

Quick of the mark with itching to paint his first wall mural was completed within a day with Global Street Art, titled ‘This Charming Man’ which was a reference to Alex’s favourite band ‘The Smiths’, and the artwork can be found on Grimsby Street just of Brick Lane.

Alex then began painting on one of the prime shots for street art in Shoreditch, the 4 large panels on Great Eastern Street known as the London Art Wall. The artwork is big and bold and consists of characters expressing positive messages, which is what Alex tries to portray in all his work.

With no urgency to rest since completing the artwork on Great Eastern Street, Alex has painted a shop front shutter on Brick Lane with Global Street Art once again and is currently painting another piece in Camden today.

Speaking to Pigment, I have been told that Alex Senna will be rather busy this coming week travelling to Europe for a couple of days to paint at an event but before then he will be paint another large mural at the Red Market in Shoreditch to coincide with the #R3D Market Summer Season of Street Food and Street Art.

From the comments I have been seeing on social media sites of late, look’s like this Brazilian artist has firmly made a mark in London already in the space of a few days.

Alex Senna_01 Alex Senna_02 Alex Senna_03 Alex Senna_04 Alex Senna_05 Alex Senna_06 Alex Senna_07 Alex Senna_09 Alex Senna_10 Alex Senna_11 Alex Senna_12 Alex Senna_13 Alex Senna_14 Alex Senna_15


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