Sydenham Street Art Festival

A certain part of South London or as I call it Zone Three, and in particular ‘Sydenham’ is to become the next Street Art hub of London as the Sydenham Street Art Festival officially got under way last weekend.

With so much potential in Sydenham in untapped walls and the locals thirsty for art in their area, it was only right for a Street Art event to happen in this part of London.

Global Street Art together with Sydenham Art Festival have set up this event to showcase artwork from talented artists from all parts of the World.

The first artist to paint and put their mark on Sydenham literally was non other than one of the most active artist in London right now, Brazilian artist Mateus Bailon. With a little help from yours truly Mateus painted the first part of what is expected is a festival of amazing Street Art.

After Mateus several more artists have travelled down to South London over the past few days and painted wall murals, from the likes of  of Italian artists Millo, Hunto and Alice Pasquini with many more International and home grown artists looking to do the same in the coming weeks and months.

After the success of  Dulwich Street Art Festival in 2013, Sydenham is certainly destined for the same.

Sydenham Street Art Bailon 01 Sydenham Street Art Bailon 02 Sydenham Street Art Bailon 03 Sydenham Street Art Bailon 04 Sydenham Street Art Bailon 05


About Bablu Miah

Trapped in Zone One yet loving everything London has to offer.
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