The return of PINS to East London

Today I saw the return of London based artist PINS to the street of East London again painting, not since last year has this multi-talented artist/fashion designer done anything ‘street/graffiti’ art related outdoor with an aerosol spray-can until today.

PINS last art campaign on shop-front shutters and walls was his infamous #LipWeed  work, which raised a few eyebrows as  people started to notice the artwork but couldn’t put a name or a face to the work.

This time round with the #LipWeed campaign behind him, his new PIN inspired creation  is #Dobutts which basically consists of a PINS favourite – donut, which is moulded into a certain part of a woman’s anatomy and then tangled in a web.

The new artwork is from a collection of styles which PINS will be showcasing outdoor on the streets every couple of months to show the different sides of PINS unique designs.

From the first look of of the #Dobutts artwork, it’s fair to say we are in for a lot of bright and funky year from PINS.

PINS dobutts 02 PINS dobutts 03 PINS dobutts 04

To find out more about PINS and his latest and upcoming artwork you can follow him on:



About Bablu Miah

Trapped in Zone One yet loving everything London has to offer.
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2 Responses to The return of PINS to East London

  1. brian miller says:

    love all the street art…found you on flickr and saw your copyright…
    i am a poet and would love to write to some of the art you capture
    and even use some in our poetry group to write to…if possible,
    email me

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