Brazilian Art Invades London

The recent introduction of Brazilian artists over the past few months painting in London has been a breath of fresh air, adding their eclectic style and vibrant colours to the streets of London and even in gallery shows such as the Mazu Prozak show at Pure Evil Gallery.

Talented artists such as Sliks and London based artist Mateus Bailon both from São Paulo have introduced something that street art enthusiast haven’t seen before in the hot bed of London street art that is the Shoreditch area, which is why their artwork has been received by positive attention and  warm praise wherever I’ve seen them paint in London.

Sliks and Bailon haven both painted a great deal amount of amazing artwork in London so far and their work can been seen all over the Shoreditch area, their joint collaboration can be seen on Great Eastern Street on the London Art Wall for a few more days, Bailon only yesterday painted a new wall mural in Brick Lane and a jaw-dropping piece from Sliks using his hyper-active spray tagging style can be found  in Redchurch Street.

Sliks on Great Eastern StreetBailon on Great Eastern StreetSliks and Bailon on Great Eastern StreetSliks in Redchurch Street 02Sliks in Redchurch Street 03Sliks in Redchurch Street 04Sliks in Redchurch Street 05

Every artwork is impressive and different in its own way, and worth seeing them in person if you’re in the Shoreditch area.

Mateus Bailon is also taking part in the Insiders Gallery show curated by Global Street Art with Test Space,  which is a series of pop-up gallery exhibitions being held  across London.

The first Insider Gallery exhibition at the Curious Duke Gallery in May saw seventeen artists exhibiting more than fifty pieces of work. Check out the five star review from the Upcoming and video of the show from Brazilian website

The second Insider Gallery official launch is this Thursday 27th June at 14 Warren Street, London, W1T 5JL. Further show details including the full artist line-up can be found here.

Insider Gallery Fitzrovia Launch Night

For more information about Mateus Bailon recent artwork in Brick Lane check out the artist feature done by hookedblog: New wall mural São Paulo artist Bailon

Bailon in Brick Lane


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