Paint Jam at Heatham House Summer Exhibition

This past Saturday (22nd June 2013) I travelled all the way to Twickenham for the annual paint jam event spread over 2 weekends held at a local youth centre organised by graffiti artist Sky High, ‘Heatham House Summer Exhibition’.

The Heatham House Summer Exhibition is in its 3rd year now and for me it was the first time I’ve actually heard of this event only few weeks ago, so in all interest after hearing some positive reviews of their past shows it was definitely right for me to check out this art event and I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

Entering the youth centre I was instantly taken back by the amount of great artwork on exhibit by some of the leading street artists within London right now, over 50 artists exhibiting work from the likes on Airborne Mark, Captain Kris, Sky High, Amuk, Sterling and more.

After viewing the gallery exhibition, I took a walk to the skate park area where they had an array of amazing artists paining live as part of the Summer Exhibition, and some of which had their artwork also on show in the gallery too.

Like the gallery show inside the centre, the work that was being produced on the walls with the use of only aerosol spray paint was just amazing and for me personally was worth travelling all the way to Twickenham just to see all this in person.

Heatham House 02Heatham House 01

Out of the 25 aerosol spray artists scheduled to paint over the 2 weekends as part of the Summer Exhibition,  the artists that were painting on the day, showcasing their incredible talent with different styles and technique included the likes of Sky High, Best, Ders, Sterling, Irony, Artista, Captain Kris, Airborne Mark, Amuk, Dirty 30, Samer,  Candy and many more.

Heatham House 03Heatham House 04Heatham House 05Heatham House 06Heatham House 07Heatham House 08Heatham House 09Heatham House 10

The Heatham House Summer Exhibition was running this past weekend and the will happening again throughout this coming weekend also 29-30th June in Twickenham, great work done by Sky High organising with this atmospheric friendly event  and well worth checking  out if you enjoy seeing or got a keen interest in aerosol paint jam from talented graffiti street artists.

Heath House Summer Exhibtion – Heatham House .Whittton Road, Twickenham, Tw1 1BH

Heatham House 13 Heatham House 15 Heatham House 16 Heatham House 17 Heatham House 18 Heatham House 19 Heatham House 20 Heatham House 21 Heatham House 22 Heatham House 23 Heatham House 25


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