Dale Grimshaw New Wall Mural in Brick Lane – Culture Clash (Sick Edition)

Dale Grimshaw back with a new mural – Culture Clash (Sick Edition)








After his amazing work on the Duke of Lancaster (Black Duke) in North Wales last month, Dale Grimshaw was back in London this week to paint another trademark stunning mural.

Outside of Atlantis art shop on Hanbury Street, Dale and his colleague Paolo with the help from Liquitex have completed what I can only describe as another AMAZING piece of street art using acrylic paint and stencil.

The mural is around 12 feet long and simply eye-catching in every way possible.

Speaking to Dale yesterday about if this artwork had a name, the simply answer was that it was untitled. So the question begun as to what I should call this new work, the common theme I got that was that people walking by the artwork yesterday kept referring to Dale as the wall mural being ‘SICK’. With that in mind it was just a straight forward case of using that terminology in calling this new work by Dale Grimshaw as Culture Clash (Sick Edition).

Like his previous work ‘Culture Club’, this new mural is absolutely stunning and worth checking out in person if you’re passing through Brick Lane, East London.


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